MP Marcus has been DJ-ing for almost close to Two decades and has considerable links to the urban community in London and the UK. Over the years he has DJ in most of the clubs in London and for celebrities such Chelsea football team, De La Soul any more. Also has been hosting events being Fashion show comedy events and local talent show and concerts. Over the last six years he has expanded with more music genre gaining and doing more events. 

He has being do radio for twelve years or more 4 different radio stations. Where he has been doing the P4E1 (Play4 Every1) show for 8 years. Doing a lot of interviews for the station, artist new and breaking into the urban game as well as establish artist He is now on Choicefmuk. Starting out as a hip-hop DJ. While he was in his first sound system he was used as a Hip Hop DJ but listening to Soul, Funk and Reggae. He then started to collect more of those genres of music. Years passed and MP Marcus join another DJ collective called The Pesky Kidz when he realised that music was not hip hop and as you can see he has a big record collection with a big genre of music. The Pesky Kidz had a regular weekly residency in Camden for 4 years at the Oh Bar.From this MP Marcus got other gigs in London, bits of Kent and in France, Morocco and in the Czech Republic.

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